In software development, Backward compatibility is an important concept that is often overlooked. This leads to stressful software updates and production bugs. Many a time we stumble upon a situation that we have updated the API but forgot to update the dependent systems or APPs or even don’t know about who else is using the same.

Especially in distributed systems, adding new features to existing code can be really challenging. Not only do we have to understand the impact our changes might have on the various other services and apps, but we often also risk introducing bugs and odd behaviour.

The usefulness of logs is often underestimated. We all try to put efforts to build perfect systems and thinks that the code we wrote is perfectly good but we all know that eventually, the application will crash, a server will go down, users may complain about a bug that “randomly” appears, or even worse, the client could realise that some data is missing, and there is no clue when or why this data got lost. This is real life, and we must be ready for these problems. A large part of software developers’ lives is monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging. …

Many a time we think that we know a lot about ourselves but do we really? You want to get ahead of others and wants to lead but do you really have control even on yourself? Just think this for a minute and tell this genuinely.

You often lose control and later realises that it was the heat of the moment. Actually it was you who lost the control over yourself. Sometimes I often see people yelling at each other and everyone who is fighting thinks that they all are correct and often they both are wrong. Many a time…

You might have heard a term caching and NoSql data a lot. You might also have heard about Redis. But what is it exactly? How does it work? All these questions still persist. I know that tutorials are long and boring and not everyone wants to go in-depth but actually want to know the overall architecture and working.

So in this article, I will be covering overall architecture and a few critical features which you should know about Redis. This will also help you to decide whether it’s helpful in your scenario or not. …

Shubham Gupta

Code, read, sleep & repeat.

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